Herdyne Mercier, LCSW – The Wife Mentor™

Herdyne Mercier
Herdyne MercierChief Operating Officer

I love everything about love. I love love! When I was young, my favorite movie was The Little Mermaid. I watched that movie over 1,000 times. I remember pretending I was Ariel in the tub waiting for my Prince Eric. I would sing my heart out to, “Kiss The Girl”.

As The Wife Mentor™ and cofounder of Mercier Wellness and Consulting, my passion is working with women, especially wives, to help turn their love story into a reality. Being a wife is amazing, but marriage is hard work! Navigating the joys, trials, and uncertainties of being a wife is painful at times. I know because I have been there and those trials were not reflected in the fairy tales. However, I still believe that your little girl dreams of love can come true.

Top client goals:

  1. Learn to love yourself first.
  2. Practice self-care.
  3. Make it to “Wifey Heaven”.


  • Bachelor of Social Work – University of South Florida
  • Master of Social Work – Barry University

Fun Facts:

Favorite movies:

I enjoy watching movies with happy endings where true love always seems to prevail. I can’t watch scary movies or any movie with too much suspense without my heart feeling like it’s going to stop. Trust me, you do not want to sit next to me during a scary movie.

Favorite Music:

Gospel music is my top favorite because it recharges my soul. Then I like anything by Boys II Men.

Favorite Word:

Wisdom is my favorite word on the planet. My wildest dream is to one day be able to have a pajama sleepover with Oprah and hear about her top wisdom defining moments and how they changed her life.

Favorite Places:

My favorite place is the laying out at the beach with my husband and kids listening to the waves and hearing the wind blow.


Happy Clients

Strengthen My Self-Esteem & Confidence

Herdyne has had a great impact in my life. She’s determined to provide phenomenal service and professional care. Her counsel has helped to further strengthen my self-esteem and confidence.

Marcia Dorlus

Creative & Attentive

Jameson Mercier is one of the best there is. He’s creative, attentive and goes beyond the norm when working with clients and colleagues.

Dr. Edrica Richardson

Family & Community

Herdyne Mercier is a wonderful colleague and friend! She is deeply invested in her family and community. She proudly represents the social work profession with integrity and commitment.

Dr. Mitch Rosenwald

Role Model

Herdyne Mercier is not only a awesome individual, but an amazing role model, wife, and community activist. She always goes above and beyond for every project that she takes on. She empowers and encourages others to be the very best they can be. I’m thankful that God has placed her in my life!

Mikara Bell

Concern & Compassion

I am impressed with Jameson’s concern and compassion for others as well as his insight into mental illness. He is talented, energetic, and honest. He is a wonderful professional and one of the few in our field to whom I would quickly refer friends and family.

Wayne Brown, LCSW

Inspiration & Friend

Herdyne Mercier is truly The Wife Mentor™. She has been an inspiration and friend throughout my journey. Her support as a wife and mother is invaluable. I am so honored to have her as a part of my tribe.

Nisha Laroche

Journey to Help Others

Dr. and Mrs. Mercier are the epitome of a love story. through their lives journey. Furthermore, they have taken their journey to help others heal so they may live their best life.

M. Jacques

Great Listener

Herdyne is a cousin and friend. She is a great listener and is not afraid to say what you need to hear. She is a wonderful mentor and coach.

Khetty Dazilma


When it comes to the essence of beautiful spirit and a woman of God, you experience such epitome upon encountering the presence of Herdyne Mercier. Her smile alone is infectious. Most importantly, she has a passion for what she does!

Rebecca "Butterfly" Vaughns

Hard to Find

Jameson Mercier is the kind of therapist that is hard to find. He is great at what he does and yet is always working to do better. His clients are fortunate to be working with him.

Dr. Debra Nixon


Watching Dr. and Mrs. Mercier throughout the years has given me an immense amount of hope in relationships. They live by the words they deliver and always have wise, beneficial advice for everyone whether married, divorced or single.

Beverly Charles

Excellent Coach

Contrary to popular belief, not all wives are created equal. Some rise above the norm and excel with style and grace. This is Herdyne Mercier and she does it all. An excellent coach, a mom of three and a phenomenal wife. Her passion for helping other wives find their own space of joy in purpose is unmatched. Make room for The Wife Mentor™!

Mathew Jean, LMFT
Beach Stone Counseling